Your phone is your constant companion

Can you imagine life without your smartphone? Impossible. It’s no exaggeration to say that we use our smartphones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are the must-have accessory of the 21st century. We customize our phones with all kinds of cases and lanyards, so they become uniquely personal. Losing or breaking them is a constant worry. Now, more and more, we are looking for new ways to keep them safe. At AliExpress, we have a huge range of holders for phones and stands for phones that will keep your smartphone safe and within easy reach – whatever you’re doing.

At home or at work

Life is busy; we multi-task, so it’s worth taking the time to find the right phone holder or phone stand for your changing needs, throughout your day. Whether you’re looking for a cell phone holder for the desk, or a cell phone holder for hand, you’ll find lots to choose from on AliExpress. Simple and stylish foldable stands and desk holders for your phone come in a great selection of different sizes and colors and start from as little as $0.44! Choose a small discreet plastic holder that can fold up in your pocket, or a larger, solidly made metal holder to stand next to your PC. You can even find a specially designed phone holder for bed, which will make using your phone in bed a much more comfortable experience.

On the move

Once you get in your car, you’re presented with a fresh set of needs when it comes to using your phone. There are so many kinds of car phone holder worth looking at – those which can be fixed to your dashboard or fastened next to the steering wheel, or even attached to the sun visor. Many users favor a magnetic holder as the best cell phone holder for the car. For those who, as they spend a lot of time in their car, need to transform it into their work space, AliExpress also offers luxury mounted stands which are able to position your phone at different heights and angles. You can also find tripod-style mounts which allow you to switch from phone use to camera use in an instant. To help you fix your phone to all kinds of unusual or uneven surfaces, there are also phone mounts that boast a 360 degree flexible-arm feature. Whatever your needs, a holder for phone in car will help you stay hands-free but confident that your phone is secure.

Feel secure

For those people who are out and about, phone security is a major concern. As you’re walking on the street, it’s important to know that your phone is secure in your hand, and won’t slip from your grasp, or worse, be grabbed from you. Finger phone holders are the latest way to customize your phone. Designed to be attached to the back of your phone, so that you can grip your phone via a metal ring, these simple devices are an easy way to avoid the heartache of a lost or stolen phone. Chose from plain functional styles to fun, colorful styles featuring your cartoon and super-hero favorites. Check out our huge range of holders which are compatible with a wide range of brands and models – we have the perfect holder for every phone user on the planet.