Cute phone cases – is there any other kind?

It’s not all about looks. Hey, who are we kidding? – it’s totally about looks (where your smartphone is concerned!) But where do you start? There are masses of super-cute phone cases out there. Firstly, we would suggest that you simply ask yourself one question: “What’s my style?” and go from there. Of course, if your answer is: “I’ve got lots of style and it's always changing,” then you may need more than one phone case. But that’s not a problem because we’ve got literally thousands. And with prices starting at *$0.38*, you don’t have to worry about your budget.

Practical and stylish?

Why not? Phone cases were initially created to protect phones from dirt and scratches; it was only later that some very clever person realized that you could also improve how a phone looks. Obviously, you are slightly limited by what’s available for your particular phone model – but we do want to stress the word ‘slightly’ because, generally, accessories companies make everything for everyone when it comes to the wonderful world of smart phones. So, it’s a win-win situation for everybody. Whether you’ve got an iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, or any other kind of iPhone, we have cases for all variations. Android fan? It doesn’t matter what brand you have – Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, OnePlus – we could go on – the answer is: Yep, you can get a phone case that has fluffy flamingoes with rhinestone crystals for eyes (for example – but that does sound totally gorgeous, right?)

Super skins and fabulous flip-over cases

There are a million ways to express your creative side when you style your smart phone. Many phone cases are made of supple yet tough silicone, which feels soft and ergonomic to the touch and carries bright colors and patterns extremely well. Go for a plain color for a simple style statement, or show the world how much you love Disney, Avengers, Pixar (the list could go on forever). Of course, you don’t have to stick with the standard silicone-skin style of case. You can go for the sophisticated wallet look, which has a flip over cover, often with credit card pockets on the inside. If you’re feeling fancy, go for a real leather phone case, otherwise keep it casual in faux leather, PU, or even denim.

From phone style to lifestyle

Whatever you do, your phone needs to be able to do; apart from looking the part, is your smartphone (and its phone case) up to what you ask of it? If you’re on vacation at the beach, you’ll need a waterproof pouch-style case for catching the perfect picture of the kids in the sea. Fashionistas will need faux fur, sequins, glitter, woven-effect or mirror-effect cases, depending on what’s hot for this season. And we’re not forgetting the gym bunnies and running enthusiasts the world over, who need a stylish, secure, neoprene armband pouch, so they can stay connected while they tone those abs, win that race, and pump that iron.