What’s that one piece of garment we ladies seem to overlook even though we wear them every day? That’s right, the bra. The garment we love and hate, depending on our mood and the day of the week. We’ve probably been wearing the same ones for way too long and although we keep up with clothing fashion trends, bra trends also change. In fact, experts say bras need to be replaced every 6-8 months to ensure our girls are getting the best support, comfort and style they deserve. To do our girls a solid favor, AliExpress has compiled an inside scoop on bra trends for 2018.

Seasonal fits

With the changing seasons in the air, let’s start with color. For 2018, the Pantone Color of the Year was ultra violet, so we hope you like purple because you’ll be seeing it a lot of it everywhere, including your bras. This spring and summer, pastel colors will also be make its debut in all hues, like pastel yellow, green and purple, which are much welcomed shades after the cold winter. Did we mention that pastel-colored bras also look great on all skin tones? During the cooling temperatures in winter, however, we’re expecting to rekindle with an old 90’s love, velvet, in bra designs. This warm, fuzzy material is alluringly sexy and will make the perfect holiday gift, so be on a lookout for them soon!

Designs left to the imagination

Speaking of bra designs, we’ve also spotted a continuous trend for bondage-inspired bras i.e. harness-style straps. A fresh sight in the intimates section is also mythical creature-inspired designs due to the unicorn and mermaid obsession trends this past year. So if you’re into all things related to the magical realm, we’d advise you to stock your bra drawer with these sparkling pieces.

Now you see it, now you don’t

Everyone likes a tease every now and then, so best not to forget that this other trend is here to stay: bralettes. These delicate, lacey bras are not only comfortable and sexy, but also available in all sorts of styles with different extents of intricate details like ribbons, bows and straps. Simply show ‘em off under loose camisoles, sheer tops or over a white tee.